Race4Scale – Development of Automotive and Motorsport Ecosystems

Development of the Multidisciplinary Educational, Business and RDI Opportunities for the Finnish-Russian Automotive and Motorsport Industry Ecosystem.


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Meeting ID: 818 3076 0844

24.11.2022, Thursday


  • Opening of seminar
    Jarmo Kujanpää / Project Manager

10:20 – 11:00

  • The needs and drivers for transport transformation
    Heikki Liimatainen / Professor, Tampere University

    Current transport system causes negative environmental and social impacts and governments have set targets to remove these impacts by 2050. The needs and drivers for the transport transformation are discussed in the presentations, including digitalization, electrification and automation and the changes in behavior and decision making.

11:00 – 11:40

  • Future logistics – Trends, challenges, and opportunities
    Erika Kallionpää / University Instructor, Tampere University

    As we know, logistics has faced many challenges and distractions during last years. The interesting question is that what is shaping the future logistics. In this presentation, the main future trends and targets affecting logistics are examined. The skills that logistics professionals will need in future will be discussed as well.

11:40 – 11:50


11:50 – 12:30

  • Technology Forecasting for Automotive industry: Dichotomy of Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Product
    Nikhil Phadnis / M.Sc., Doctoral Student in Innovation Management, Lappeenranta University of Technology

    This topic will explore the approach of the VOP (Voice of the Product), a counter-intuitive approach to VOC (Voice of the Customer), that is used to discover the latent needs of the customer, resulting in better technology forecasts and reducing the risk of failed innovations for long-term innovation projects.

12:30 – 13:00

  • Project overview
    Jarmo Kujanpää / Project Manager
    Tuija Arola / Development Director
    Mikhail Nemilentsev / RDI-specialist
    Jan Kettula / RDI-specialist


  • Closing

Teacher week 2.9.2022

Teacher Week will be held online on Friday 2nd of September, 2022. The day is scheduled around Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).

The Teacher Week is about the good practices in education. During the day you will be introduced to different cases in the participant organizations. The goal of the day is become inspired and pick up the tips on the best practices in education.


The South-Eastern Finland and Saint Petersburg with North-West Russia prioritize the sustainable development of cross-border automotive industry. This is not possible without engineering innovations and proper education for high-skill jobs meeting demands of the future. The Race4Scale project unites universities, researchers and business for the future synergetic automotive and motorsport ecosystem.


  • Students and life-long learners oriented on new careers.
  • Educators developing courses and programs for multidisciplinary education.
  • Industrialists and entrepreneurs building automotive and motorsport business of the future.

LETI learning for future careers: university knowledge and skills for the Kudrovo Technopark School and R&D projects for self-driving cars


  • Establish and strengthen the long-term cross-border partnerships of businesses, educational institutions and associations in the automotive and motorsport industry ecosystem.
  • Develop exchanges between innovative businesses and university engineering research.
  • Increase opportunities for lifelong learning of advanced skills and qualifications.
  • Create new cross-border curricula for innovative lifelong learning.


  • For students and learners: Insight into the future workforce demands and job opportunities of cross-border automotive and motorsport industry.
  • For educators: Benchmarked masters and bachelors programs and professional qualification courses meeting future needs of the cross-border ecosystem.
  • For business and industry: Innovative engineering products and solutions developed by the university research teams.



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Race4Scale Plans Future

Race4Scale program of 2021 will offer the diverse program of events for its target groups. At the time of epidemiological uncertainty, the project will use both offline and online formats.


ETU "LETI" Innovations for the Automotive Industry of Tomorrow

At the Race4Scale workshop, ETU "LETI" researchers shared innovative solutions for the automotive industry.