Joint educational program of ETU "LETI"-XZIT

The studies for Chinese citizens is conducted under the bachelor's degree programs:

  • Control in Technical Systems
  • Mechatronics

Partner University is Xuzhou Institute of Technology (XZIT).

At ETU "LETI" the studies carried out in the Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering.

The joint educational program is built according to the "three plus one" scheme. The first stage includes three years of study at the XZIT on an agreed curriculum in the native language. The second stage is the fourth year of studies at ETU "LETI" in Russian and the defence of a diploma thesis in Russia. Successful completion and issuance of the ETU "LETI" diploma guarantees the issuance of the XZIT diploma.

The first intake of the students for a joint educational program took place at the XZIT in September 2009 and consisted of 59 people.

The learning of the Russian language is conducted in China under a program developed by the Russian Language Department of ETU "LETI". The program is designed for three years and ends with a final exam, according to which students can continue the studies in ETU "LETI" in Russian.

Starting from the fourth semester of studying at the XZIT, lectures on a number of technical disciplines are read in Russian by professors from ETU "LETI". 


Program coordinator

Renat A. Yalyshev

Head of International Students Office