Programs of internships

 The number of subjects for internships is very wide, you can watch detailed information on the link. 

  1. training in the form of exchange education (1-2 semester) according to programs of Bachelor’s and Master’s program
  2. individual programs: the university is ready to give opportunity to pass internship almost on all subjects on which internship is conducted according to the programs of Bachelor’s and Master’s program and post-graduate course.


As an example some directions for internship are listed here. It’s also possible to choose narrower subject in these sections:

Radio engineering and telecommunications 

11.04.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems
Biotechnical systems and technologies 12.04.04 Biotechnical systems and technologies
Electronic engineering, radiotechnics and communication system 11.03.01 Radio engineering
Electronics, computer facilities 11.04.04 Electronics and nanoelectronics

Informatics and computer facilities

09.04.01 Informatics and computer facilities 

Electrical equipment and automatic equipment 13.04.02 Power industry and electrical equipment
Information systems and technologies

 09.04.02 Information systems and technologies

Management in technical systems 27.04.04 Management in technical systems
Instrument making 12.04.01 Instrument making

 Infocommunication technologies

11.04.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems

 Applied mathematics and informatics

01.04.02 Applied mathematics and informatics
Quality management

 27.04.02 Quality management

 Economy and management

38.03.02 Management

 Advertizing and public relations 

42.03.01 Advertizing and public relations
Linguistics 45.03.02 Linguistics











Information systems and technologies