Preparatory Department for International Students

Doors of our university are open for everyone. We invite you to our Preparatory Department of Russian language and other disciplines. We are happy to offer basic training (9 months, from October to June) and special training programs.

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Anna Bubnova

Program coordinator

 +7 812 234-35-53 3243

Students have the opportunity to study at the Preparatory Department to learn Russian and other disciplines.

Basic training course

The basic training course lasts 9 months, from October to June, there are five profiles: Technical, Economics, Humanities, Natural Science, Electronics for Master's degree.

  • Technical:
    • Russian as a Foreign Language
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Computer Science
  • Economics:
    • Russian as a Foreign Language
    • Mathematics
    • Computer Science
    • Social Studies
    • History of Russia World Cultural History
  • Humanities:
    • Russian as a Foreign Language
    • Literature
    • Social Studies
    • History of Russia
    • World Cultural History
  • Natural Science:
    • Russian as a Foreign Language
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
  • Electronics for Master's degree:
    • Russian as a Foreign Language
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Basics of Electronics
    • English


After graduating from the Preparatory Department, students have the opportunity to enroll in bachelor's, master's or postgraduate programs. Successfully graduated from the Preparatory Department students, who pass the entrance examinations can study at ETU "LETI".



  • Contact your local office of the Rossotrudnichestvo Russian federal agency to get scholarship
  • Contact us by e-mail to sign an individual study contract with ETU LETI University


Foreign citizens studying at the Preparatory Department are granted the right to reside in the Russian Federation.


Apply Now

ETU “LETI” offers a variety of full-time programs both in Russian and English. Foreign student may apply for Bachelor Degree (4 years of study), Master Degree (2 years of study), PhD (3 to 4 years of study) or Specialist Qualification (5 years of study). If you wish to apply to ETU “LETI” for one of the full-time programs, please, choose among the following.

To be enrolled for one of these courses, one must have a sufficient level of knowledge and Russian language proficiency. To improve either or both, you may apply for a Preparatory Courses of Russian Language.

Special programs

  1. Winter and Summer School of Russian Language (2 weeks or 1 month)
  2. International Winter and Summer Schools in English (2 weeks)
  3. Russian language for graduate students (1-12 months)
  4. Research Internship (1-12 months)
  5. Individual programs (3-6 months)

Foreign citizens studying at the preparatory department, are empowered to stay in Russian Federation. 

Information about the estimated cost of living can be found here.

Tuition fee for 2023/2024 year from 30,000 RUB to 200,000 RUB depending on the selected program

Tuition fee for Preparatory course this year is 200,000 RUB

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