Reader for participants of the Introductory Workshop on Innovations and Quality Management

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Introductory Reader

Questions, Assignments, Comments

Dear Participant, please study the materials below, follow the recommendations of lecturers, they will help you to prepare for the workshop.

Innovations in a Hi-Tech Company

Open Innovations

  1. Digital Regulation of Intellectual Capital for Open Innovation…
    Nadezhda N. Pokrovskaia et al.
  2. Startups and open innovation. Basics
    Nadezhda N. Pokrovskaia

Please read publications of the lecturer to get the first insight into open innovations

Segmentation for markets of innovative products and services

1. Market Segmentation and Targeting
Ana Carrapichano
Chapter 11

  1. Explain the role of market segmentation in marketing strategy.
  2. Name the main advantages of market segmentation.
  3. Explain How to approach and implement segmentation

2. Market Research and Consumer Insights
James Lappeman, Paul Egan
Chapter 18

  1. What are main purposes of market research?
  2. What are the seven steps of the market research process?
  3. What is smart format for marketing research objectives establishing?
  4. What is the difference between primary and secondary marketing rersearches?

3. Marketing research handbook

  1. Name the various classifications of Marketing Research.
  2. Define the scope of Marketing Research.
  3. What are the various methods of Marketing Research?
  4. What is Cluster analysis technique?

Managing technological innovations. Artificial intelligence applications. Product development instruments. Business model development. Digital communications

Handbook of the management of creativity and innovation. Theory and Practice. Min Tang, Christian H. Werner. by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2017, 399 P

  1. Name main directions for innovations in the hi-tech industry's enterprises.
  2. What main stages of innovation management do you know?
  3. What types of innovations do you know?

Ushering In The Era Of Connected Experiences. IBM case. Davenport Thomas. The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work

  1. What is AI?
  2. What are the AI restrictions in hi-tech industry?
  3. What are the AI advantages?

Innovation Management and New Product Development , Sixth Edition Paul Trott. ISBN: 978-1-292-16540-0, Portsmouth Business School. 666 P

  1. What methods of new product development do you know?
  2. What is the main steps of creative thinking?
  3. What is the core essence of creative process?

Innovations in a Hi-Tech Company

Leadership and project team management

Leadership through the Classics. Learning Management and Leadership from Ancient East and West Philosophy.

Please read Chapter 1. What is one of the most important features of a successful leader in historical and modern contexts?

Achieve Agile Leadership in Three Steps: Agility is the primary component to continued success, particularly amid volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

  1. Who are agile leaders today?
  2. Why and how they help the organization overcome difficult situations and prepare it for a successful and productive future?

Developers motivation in agile teams

Find different criteria of general motivators.

Quality management systems – the sustainability factor

ISO 9001:2015 How to use it

Read and list the quality management principles and their key points.

Quality Management. Theory and application

Please read pp. 13-36.

  1. What is Quality planning?
  2. What is Process quality planning?
  3. What is Product quality planning?

The Lean Book of Lean

Please read Chapters 1-2 (pp. 1-26)

  1. What is Quality planning?
  2. What is Process quality planning?
  3. What is Product quality planning?