About Introductory workshop on Innovations and Quality Management

This is an intro workshop to prepare you for Summer school course “Innovations and Quality Management” which opens new career opportunities.



Nadezhda Pokrovskaia

Open innovations

The digital space created a welcoming environment to create new ideas, to exchange them and to implement them into real products due to the open knowledge.

Learners acquire skills to design projects and to foster startups, to build the infrastructure for transfer of technologies and to organize the flows of intellectual property, to establish and govern the departments in big corporations and to develop innovative projects in small and medium enterprises, to expand the growth from an aggregating service startup to a market leader and benchmark. Many examples of open innovation in clubs, associations and ecosystems are given in all the sectors, the smart farming and e-agriculture, the energy grids, the high-tech companies and knowledge-driven businesses. The startups and open innovation management forms the basic competences to win in the competition on the labor market in traditional industries and in the digital world.

Aigul Petrova

Managing technological innovations. Business models and artificial intelligence applications for product development. Digital Communications

Digital transformations are the mainstream of innovations today, with AI applications as their task force. These instruments offer new perspectives combined with challenges. To evolve and thrive today companies need to revise their business models. The course explains core principles for this renovation and tools to create added values for customers.

The workshop gives basic information and insight into the art of combining traditional approaches and advanced product development instruments by hi-tech companies

The program is delivered by: Department of Innovation Management and Department of Management and Quality Systems.

Olga Erochkina

Leadership and project team management

"Leadership and project team management» is a very important subject for the sustainable development of a high-tech company. In the current business environment leadership has a critical value. The leader’s skills can be developed in a targeted way. You can be the leader in your personal life, but being the real business leader takes good understanding of your shared values and interests. Personal leadership is thus associated with team leadership.

In the class we analyze leadership in the context of the project team management. Therefore, we both study relevant qualities of an effective leader, and focus on project management using the methodology of "flexible management". We concentrate attention on such aspects as team building, motivation and role distribution in a team. We build a project team in a company striving at higher efficiency. The course offers world’s best practices and shows the opportunities for improvement and sustainable development.

Department of Innovation Management

Department of Innovation Management educates professionals who get state-of-the-art qualifications to introduce innovative ideas and technologies, upgrade company efficiency to meet its goals and maximize utilization of its resources by optimal management decisions.

Department of Management and Quality Systems

Department of Management and Quality Systems educates professionals, which can develop and manage quality systems. These systems maintain high quality of products or services of a company by improving business processes, introducing the lean manufacturing and risk management algorithms. They optimize the technological performance by introducing statistical control of technological processes, analysis of the types and consequences of failures, and analysis of measurement systems.

The "Quality Management" curriculum is harmonized with the EU university curricula. It provides an opportunity to study within the Master's degree program in a member university of the European Master's Program in Quality Management (EMP TQM). Beside that, students can take the exam for the "Professional in the field of quality" qualification of the European Organization for Quality (EOC) without additional training.