Track 1. Innovations in a hi-tech company (12:00-14:00 MSK)

Learners get an insight into the working concepts and practices for managing technological innovations at an R&D-intensive company and explore how to collect, interpret and analyze data for effective marketing decision-making in R&D-intensive companies. This basic knowledge is a good start for a management career oriented on added values in any high-tech company.


Open innovations

Prof. Nadezhda Pokrovskaia


Segmentation for markets of innovative products and services

Assoc. Prof. Maria Kossukhina


Digital communications

Senior lecturer Aigul Petrova

Track 2. Quality management in a hi-tech company (14:00-16:00 MSK)

The introductory course gives essentials of quality management systems with a focus on efficient leadership, project team management, knowledge management, and other key aspects of a successful hi-tech company performance. The world best practices are explained in cases and exercises.


Leadership and project team management

Assoc. Prof. Olga Erochkina


Quality management systems - the company’s sustainability factor. Projects and cases

Senior lecturer Olga Artamonova

Track 3. Evaluation test (16:00-16:30 MSK)

Questions on the main subject of the workshop. Pass the test and get your Workshop certificate!


Nadezhda Pokrovskaia


Herzen State Pedagodical University of Russia

Aigul Petrova

Senior lecturer

Department of the Innovative Management, Inprotekh Institute

Olga Artamonova

Senior lecturer

Department of Management and Quality Systems, Inprotekh Institute

Olga Erochkina

Associate Professor

Department of Management and Quality Systems, Inprotekh Institute

Maria Kossukhina

Associate Professor

Department of Innovative Management, Inprotekh Institute


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