Living costs

On average, 15 thousand rubles a month are sufficient. This is enough for subsistence, travel expenses and other minor expenses. In reality it can be less or more, but this amount of money is enough for a normal existence.


In addition to local stores there are a few supermarket chains in Saint Petersburg, from low- and mid-budget Pyaterochka, Diksy, Perekrestok and the international chain Auchan. Depending on the type of products, the price discrepancy may be considerable, however these supermarkets chains have many locations so one can almost always find an affordable option.


An annual medical insurance policy costs about 5000 RUB. 


Cost of token for passenger or luggage - 45 RUB/1 way. And you will pay only to enter the metro - the time spent there, distance travelled and routes covered will be unlimited.

Public transport (buses, trams and trolleybuses) costs 40 RUB/1 way. Usually tickets can be purchased on board.

Tickets for transport can be bought by cash or by a magnetic card or electronic pass for as many rides as you want (10/20/40/70 units). Another travel card called "Podorozhnik" is also useful: you just top up the amount money you need and you are ready to go.

If you come for more than three months, you can buy a student card. A student monthly card valid for 100 journeys in the metro and unlimited use in ground transport. It costs 1035 rubles per month.

Accommodation in Student Dormitory

For students it is possible to be place in one of the University Dormitories. A place costs approximately 1500 rubles per month.