Addresses of the Dormitories

Dormitory № 7:

Address: 197227, St. Petersburg,  Ispitateley prospect, 10 ("Pionerskaya" subway station)

Dormitory № 8:

Address: 197343, St. Petersburg, Torzhkovskaya st., 15 ("Chernaya rechka" subway station)

At the airport of Saint Petersburg "Pulkovo-1"

The plan of the airport "Pulkovo-1" can be found here:

  1. You should pass passport control and receive a migration card (small peace of paper). Please always keep it in your passport!
  2. Then you should get your luggage.
  3. Inside the airport building you can change money in the exchange office (it is sufficient to exchange 50-100 USD for your immidiate expances) or get rubles in cash in ATM (2000-4000 rubles).

How to get from the airport to the dormitory or ETU “LETI”?

  1. You can take a taxi at the counter directly in the airport – the price is about $40 (address of the dormitories). You can also use taxi apps (Uber Taxi, Yandex Taxi, Ситимобил, etc.). It is not recommended to contact private taxi drivers offering their services at the exit from the airport building.
  2. By public transport:

The plan of the airport premises can be found here:

  1. In front of the exit from the airport you can take bus No. 39(about 50 rubles) or minibus № K-39 (about 50 rubles) and go to the "Moskovskaya" subway station (about 20-25 minutes). Payment is made inside the bus. Please prepare cash in rubles to make the payment.
    You may find the route here:
  2. In the subway to the right from the entrance you should buy a ticket (a metal token) (about 55 rubles) and go directly from the subway station "Moskovskaya" to subway station "Pionerskaya" (hostel No. 7) or station "Chernaya Rechka" (hostel No. 8) or station "Petrogradskaya" (the University).
  3. In front of the exit from the subway station "Pionerskaya" you will see the Ispitateley Prospect. You must walk to the left along the prospect about 5-7 minutes to the building No. 10. This is the hostel №7.

How to get to the ETU "LETI"?

You can reach the campus from “Petrogradskaya” metro station in 15-20 minutes on foot (please follow the map). The International Students Office is located in the building No 3 on the fourth floor, room 3418. You should come to the International Students Office on the first working day after your arrival at St. Petersburg.