Arrival Dates for International Students

You should arrive at the University for studying not earlier than a week before beginning of the course:

  • Studies on Bachelor’s, Master’s and Specialist’s programs start on 1st September;
  • Studies on the Foundation (Preparatory) Course start on 1st October;
  • Post-graduate students and trainees:  the date is specified in the contract.

Dear students!

Please note that in the current situation, the arrival dates may be postponed due to the closure of state borders and the lack of air connections.

Please kindly inform us in advance about the date and time of you arrival by phone +7 812 234-35-53 or via e-mail:

Make sure to specify the number of the dormitory where you will stay. Foreign residents coming to the ETU "LETI" through the International Students Office or the Preparatory Department (Foundation Course) usually live in the dormitories №7 and №8. You can find addresshere.

Upon arrival at St. Petersburg you need to head to your dormitory where you can leave your luggage (dormitory staff will wait for you only if you inform International Students Office about your arrival in advance) and then go to the university for further processes.

If you arrive on weekend or late at night you can stay in the dormitory and come to the University on the next working day.

Please pay attention to the accommodation rules for the international students.