International Students Office

Welcome to ETU "LETI"!

The reasons why international students choose ETU “LETI”:

  • ETU is 130 years old and the requirements to the quality of professional training are traditionally high.
  • High quality of faculty and teaching
  • It is possible to study in Russian and in English language.
  • Vast experience in preparation of qualified specialists for foreign nations. 1 000 international students and PhDs from 60 countries of Europe, Asia and America are studying at ETU “LETI” at the moment. ETU has partner-universities in more than 20 countries of the world.
  • Wide variety of major courses and specialties in fields of Radio Engineering, Telecommunication, IT, Solid State Physics, Materials Science along with specialties in field of Humanities, Economy and Management.
  • Location. ETU “LETI” is situated in the cultural capital of the Russian Federation. St.Petersburg is one of the most important economical centers of Russia. Its economy is based on industry, trade, tourism, financial activity, etc.
  • The education provided by ETU is in demand: thousands of highly qualified specialists, graduates of Russian universities, are being employed by the world top companies.
  • Preparatory department. ETU”LETI” offers a wide range of supplementary education. Foriegn students are attracted by the possibility to apply for preliminary training courses at ETU. 
  • Accommodation. All the ETU foreign students are offered places in student dormitory.
  • Security. The students' dormitory has 24-hour security, the passage to the territory is carried out by personal passes. Guests can be taken to the territory of the protected dormitory only with the personal accompaniment of the inviting student and on documents confirming the identity of the guest. The guest must leave the dormitory no later than 23.00. The university is located in a well-patrolled central district of the city. The territory of the university, like every buildiong, is protected.
  • Social support. The qualified staff of ETU “LETI” helps students with all the issues arising during the study period.
  • Foreign students are studying at ETU on contract and budget basis according to the international agreements. 

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