Nguen Than Ngi

Nguen Than Ngi

Graduate of Electrophysical Faculty of 1976

On March 31, 2011 on the Academic council of St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI Nguyen Than Ngi was bestowed a title of "Honourable professor" of SPbGETU.

Nguyen Than Ngi is the graduate of our university: in 1976 he graduated from Electrophysical faculty in "Dielectrics and semiconductors". However, after coming back to Vietnam, he didn't stop cooperating  and strengthen closely relations between Russia and his homeland in the field of science and education.

In 1996 Nguyen Than Ngi was elected the foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Since 2002 professor Ngi has been coordinator of joint educational program of LETI-HTU "Informatics and Computer Facilities". Within the program 435 Vietnamese successfully finished training and gained diplomas of bachelors. Since 2004 Nguyen Than Ngi is appointed the official representative of LETI in Hanoy Technological University (HTU). Besides, he actively develops joint cooperation between universities at the level of postgraduate study: about 20 graduate students from Vietnam are trained at LETI now. Professor Ngi will also organize training for the staff of higher education institutions of Vietnam to SPbGETU.

Due to international activity of professor Ngi cooperation between our university and higher education institutions of Vietnam successfully develops.