Hristova Liliya

Hristova Liliya

General Manager at TEAM Ltd, Bulgaria

Current information

Nationality Bulgarian
Current Position General Manager at TEAM Ltd, Bulgaria
My main activities include Management of research projects in the fields of Pharmaceuticals; Biomedical Engineering; Industrial Psychology; Translations & Proofreading; Localization of websites; Desktop Publishing; Medical data analysis; Medical Software development
Field of study Biomedical Engineering


  • 2005 – 2006, Research program at Athens National Technical University, Greece, “Hardware Implementation of QRS Detection Algorithms”
  • 1994 – 1996, Full time PhD Student in Rousse Technical University, Bulgaria. “Methods and Algorithms for Analysis and Interpretation of ECG Signals”
  • 1988 – 1990, Student’s Compulsory practice at “I. M. Sechenov” Institute of Evolutionary Physiology & Biochemistry,, Practice topic: “Computer processing of EEG signals of mammals”
  • 1985 – 1991, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI”. Thesis: “3D recognition software for dental medicine”

Working activity and practices

  • Current Position (from 2008 till now): General Manager at TEAM Ltd, Bulgaria; working in collaboration with IMST, Greece, in the field of providing services to pharmaceutical industries, universities, scientific events
  • Previous Position (Sep 2006 –2008): Self-employed scientific editor, translator and proof-reader
  • Previous Position (Nov 2005 – May 2006): Visiting Researcher at Athens National Technical University, Greece, Computing Systems Laboratory, under advisory of Prof. G. Papakonstantinou (; Research topic: Research on Hardware Implementation of QRS Detection Algorithms
  • Previous Position (Mar 1996 – Sep 2006): Assistant of Professor at Rousse Technical University, Bulgaria, Dept of Electronics
  • Previous Position (Mar 1994 – Mar 1996): PhD Student at Rousse Technical University, Bulgaria, Dept of Electronics
  • Previous Position (Mar 1992 – Mar 1994): Honorary Assistant of Professor at Rousse Technical University, Bulgaria, Dept of Electronics

Social activities

  • Involved in organizing and presenting brain-storm games and competitions
  • Contributor at newspapers and magazines
  • Involved in organizing conferences and other events at Rousse University
  • Student’s monitoring for Erasmus programs
  • Painting


By the decision of the State Attestation Commission of “LETI” of 28th February, 1991, awarded the Degree of Electrical Engineer in Electronic Medical Equipment (Biomedical Engineering)


  • Bulgarian (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Russian (Full professional proficiency)
  • English (Full professional proficiency)
  • Greek (Professional)

Skills & Expertise

  • Windows, Linux, Microsoft office, Programming, Biomedical Engineering, Medical devices, Science, HTML, Graphic Design, InDesign, Web design, HTML, FrontPage, WAP, MATLAB
  • Scientific Analysis, Scientific Papers, Scientific Writing, SPSS, Biostatistics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry, Market Research
  • Team Building, Teamwork, Event Planning, Seminars, Management, Quality Assurance
  • Cross-cultural Teams, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Customer Focused Marketing, Strategic Planning, Training, Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Translation, Localization

Selected papers/ Announcements/ Presentations

  1. “Amplitude Modulation Transmitter for Remote Recording of Heart Rate for the Needs of a Clinical Monitoring system”
    1998, Proceedings of Rousse University, Bulgaria
    Authors: Lilia Hristova, Avram Levi
  2. “ECG Signal Parameters Identification Algorithm”
    2002, Proceedings of Unit of Scientists – Rousse and University of Rousse, Bulgaria
    Author: Lilia Hristova
  3. “Biopotential Measurement System for Neurophysiology”
    27th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, IEEE
    13-16th May 2004, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Authors: Lilia Hristova, Georgi Krastev
  4. “Time-Frequency Analysis of Biomedical Signals”, Power Point Presentation in a Scientific Seminar of the Department of Electronics, 23rd March, 2004.
    Authors: Lilia Hristova, Vasil Kolev

Current interests

  • Biological systems design & modeling
  • Medical information systems.
  • Interpretation of ECG signals
  • Telemetric medical systems & telemetric methods for biosignal remote control
  • Time-frequency methods (wavelets) for cardiac signal analysis
  • Image analysis and modeling
  • Biostatistics