ETU Alumni Association

All graduates become members of the ETU Alumni Association – the official community of ETU alumni at home and around the world.

Its goal is to link alumni with the University and with each other, and to support the mission and activities of the University. 

University welcomes former students to join our Association and create their own graduate societies.

Our Association is led by a group of dedicated volunteers who undertake work to:  

  • advise the university on matters related to the alumni, and the development and execution of the alumni strategy;
  • together with the university, develop and oversee systems, processes and programs to achieve the goals within the alumni strategy;
  • develop a transparent and effective process to appoint alumni to the various positions specified by the university requiring alumni representation;
  • work with the university to increase alumni recognition within the university and broader community;
  • foster collaboration and community connections between alumni and the university’s research initiatives;
  • build an environment in which alumni are supportive of the fundraising ambitions of the university; and
  • engage in work and projects to help the University execute on the alumni strategy, where it is most beneficial for the work to be done by the board and not the university.

 We believe that an engaged alumni population enhances the reputation of the university, contributes to the lives of our alumni, and reinforces the connection between the university and the community.

The association provides you with the following features:

- Make your personal page on our website, where it can be a brief information about you, your achievements, accomplishments, interests, projects. You can keep a blog or post on your page articles and other information.

- The right to use our library

- The right to use the corporate mail

- Help in finding fellow students or other alumni from your country

- Assistance in organizing events for the alumni meeting


ETU Alumni Association started its work in the summer of 2015. We welcome your suggestions for the development of project, ideas, offer help. You can contact us at

List of references to the Alumni Assosiations of different countires: