Uzoma Chukwudi

Uzoma Chukwudi


Bachelor's program 09.03.01 "Computer Systems Engineering and Informatics" Graduate 2017

My name is Uzoma Chukwudi. I am from Nigeria and I obtained bachelor's degree at LETI at the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology. Now I'm studying for a Master's degree in Portugal.

Why did you decide to study in LETI?

One of my friends told me about LETI when we met at the conference in Moscow. He told me how good it is here and that good specialists are prepared here. And I got a wish to come here. I decided to study at LETI, because I wanted to get the best education in Russia.

Studying at LETI:

I like LETI very much. When I go to other cities I want to come back because here I feel like at home. I am going to take a master course, then to work within my specialty. I don’t know where yet. If you really intend to get good education and become a professional, I advise you to choose this university.