Solgi Arash

Solgi Arash


English-taught Master's program 09.04.01 "Computer Science and Knowledge Discovery" Graduate 2020

My name is Arash Solgi, I’m from Iran. In 2020 I graduated from ETU "LETI". I studied under English-taught master's degree program “Computer Science and Knowledge Discovery”.

I wanted to explore the new country and chose Russia for studying. When I first saw the university, I thought it was huge and with a lot of nice architecture and nice buildings.

The best courses for me was “Data Science” and “Modeling”, I had good memories about it. Also I remember Professor Kholod, I guess, with “Data Mining” and Professor Posov with “Developing the Website”. My classmates from LETI from China and Iraq are now my best friends.

Now I live in Iran, but I also lived for some time in Germany. I am happy to work in Iran and live with my wife from Russia. In my job, writing codes on python skills, which I gain at LETI, helped me a lot, and I am so happy that I am working in my profession.

After graduation, my life is going perfect, honestly, and I am working in my profession and can help my country to have a better future and improve my knowledge. As a data scientist, have a diploma is not very important, the main thing is how is your experience level and LETI rather gave me that.

In future, I like to have my own IT and computer company and want to build up a nice one in Iran.

I can advise to international students coming to LETI just learn Russian for living in Russia, but if they want to move to another country, it is okay that know a little, but not full.