Sani Zayyad Bakeko

Sani Zayyad Bakeko


Bachelor's program 09.03.04 "Software Engineering"

My name is Sani Zayyad and I’m from Nigeria. I study in Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Technology.

Why did you decide to study in LETI?

I started studying at the university in Nigeria before I came to LETI. I knew about LETI through a friend that was studying in LETI. I thought it would be nice to study in Saint-Petersburg and I was going to have a good time studying in LETI.

Studying at LETI:

I study in Russian language. I see I'm making progress towards my career and studying in LETI will help me become a professional programmer.

I like the building structures, the museums. I love the fact that the inventor of radio is from LETI. I was very proud and excited about that. I love the foreign department, they really care for the foreign students and organize events, it's a good experience. I really like the way Russian language is taught in LETI, the Russian teachers are nice and considerate.