Reyes Hasbun Emilia Aneth

Reyes Hasbun Emilia Aneth


English-taught Master's program 12.04.04 "Bioengineering Systems and Technologies for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation" Graduate 2019

My name is Emília Aneth Reyes Hasbun and I’m from Honduras. In 2018 I graduated from ETU "LETI" with a master’s degree in Bioengineering Systems and Technologies for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation.

After graduation, I lived in Austria, and now I live in Germany. I decided to study in Russia, because I found interesting program in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The teachers in the program are very knowledgeable and interesting. My favorite subjects were “Medical Imaging” and “Simulation in Bioengineering Systems”, the two most challenging courses in my opinion.

Now I work with imaging systems, for which the knowledge in the specific courses has given me a strong basis to grow from. My degree at LETI opened for me the opportunity to work in Europe and develop myself as a professional in one of the fields explored during the master degree.

Finding a job in Europe is never easy, but since the diploma is recognized in Europe, it opened more opportunities. I consider the positions of Service Manager and Support Engineer to be my highest career achievement, but I got my most interesting experience working as a Service Engineer for Intraoperative CT Scanners.