Ouakrim M Hammad

Ouakrim M Hammad


Master's program 27.04.02 "Quality Management" Graduate 2020

Why did you decide to study in LETI?

I opted for the Russian university because it is a country that offers quality training, a multitude of benefits for foreign students that is similar to Russian students. But also because once my training over I know that I can significantly improve my job prospects at the same time as giving my professional skills and knowledge relevant to my future career.

I chose training in integrated quality management systems because my study project will allow me to receive a complete training that will ensure the realization of my professional project.

Studying at LETI:

At LETI, l have the opportunity to broaden my horizons by meeting new people from all over the world, facing new challenges and making use of the huge range of new activities, clubs and societies on offer. It gives my the opportunity to develop new interests, learn new skills and meet new people. I learn a new language and culture. l also have space to form an idea of the path i want to take after graduation.