Nelson Salinas

Nelson Salinas


English-taught Master's program 12.04.04 "Bioengineering Systems and Technologies for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation" Graduate 2017

Why did you decide to study in LETI?

I studied Biomedical engineering in Salvador and I decided to come to Russia, because I have always found a very interesting and intriguing country and I saw a program and found it to be very good. I’ve heard Russian study is to be a very high level and I decided to come here. I found about LETI on the web site – I read and I asked for information and they were very kind and fast to reply. They told me all about the program and the University. I loved it and I decided to come.

Studying at LETI:

I have found my program to be challenging enough and of very good level. I have although found some problem with the language. I love Russian. It’s very hard but it’s worth learning it.

Everyone is very helpful and professors are always willing to let you know if you are mistaken and how to correct your mistakes and how to improve yourself.

We do have in the university agreements with the hospitals – so you can go to hospitals, you can see technology if you want to, you can see all the environments where you will work as a medical engineer. So, that’s very nice and it helps you see where you will be as you finishes your study.

About the study here, in Russia: I like the system, but I would change probable the evaluation process. I like more when evaluations are more practical and knowledge base and you can see truly that students are learning. And sometimes I feel like they evaluate more if you memorized the information. Probably it’s the only thing I would change

Saint Petersburg: Just arriving, I thought Petersburg is a beautiful city. I have loved it and loved everything about it. I love every building I see and how historical lyrics.