Nasser Saqr Sadeq Sallam

Nasser Saqr Sadeq Sallam


Department of Automated Information Processing and Control Systems Graduate

I am Nasser Saqr Sadeq Sallam, a post-graduate of Department of Automated Information Processing and Control Systems. 

At first, I would like to tell you why I have chosen Russia. Relationship between Russia and Yemen has always been friendly and warm, as far back as Soviet times. I have many relatives in Russia, who got worth education here; they spoke about Russia with cordiality, so I wanted to cast in lot with Russia.

Secondly, I would like to tell you how I learned about LETI in 2005 and entered Faculty of Computer Science and Technology. I was always interested in computer technologies and electrotechnics, but I didn’t know which university to choose. My friends and relatives helped me and gave advice to visit LETI. I liked the university and made my choice.

The main purpose of my study was to get worthy education and to get acquainted with Russian culture (Saint Petersburg is very suitable for it).

I set a following mission for myself: to learn Russian, to find friends in Russia, to study hard and to get a scientific degree.

The main demand to LETI was qualitative education. It equaled my hopes. I got good education, learn to solve difficult problems by myself, and made sure that my friends and relatives were right about Russia.

At the beginning, it was very difficult for me to study, to understand what is said on the lectures, so I had to spend much time on self-education. After two years of study, I was able to operate with scientific terminology, to participate in scientific conferences and to help my groupmates who helped me at the beginning of my study.

I am very grateful to the university for help in gaining my scientific success. Moreover, I would like to thank my scientific supervisor Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor Pavel I. Paderno, Department of International Relations and International Students Office for helping in my study, for finding time for explaining different scientific information.

Department of International Relations and International Students Office help our students and post-graduates students, who study at the Preparatory course, a lot.

Russia and Saint-Petersburg are my second motherland. I gained a lot of experience, learned new language, got good education and found new friends. Moreover, I would like to add, that as the years go by, LETI became stronger, and level of education becomes higher. I wish to this great university new scientific achievements, new students and success! Enter LETI and you won’t regret.