Jaber Ahmed Ibrahim Jaber

Jaber Ahmed Ibrahim Jaber


Postgraduate program13.06.01 "Electrical and Thermal Engineering"

My name is Jaber Ahmed Ibrahim Jaber. I am from Iraq, the city of Dayalah. I am a postgraduate student of LETI in the direction of "Electrical and Heat Engineering".

I received my bachelor’s degree in the Power and Electrical Machine Department at the University of Diyala (Iraq). Then I learned about LETI in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Iraq.  My master’s degree I got in the Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering at the Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI".

I currently assist lecturer in the Department of Electrical Power Power and in the College of Engineering University of Diyala (Iraq). My current research interests are electrical machine, electrical machine drives, automation and smart control, robotics and industrial automation. I have experience in practice of electrical engineering in different fields such as smart control and use programmable logic control (plc).

Russia is the largest country in the world, covering over six million miles of land. So studying in Russia is a popular choice for international students with a wide variety of interests, be they literature, art, history, or Russian language studies. International students in Russia will receive a high quality education in a culturally diverse environment.

I love ETU LETI. This is my dream to be the best postgraduate student. Robotics is my favorite subject.

I like my departments and professors. The professors speak English well and give me a lot of interesting new knowledge. Thanks to them, I received permission for a new patent. Robotics is my favorite subject, and the most difficult for me is philosophy.

There are many interesting events at LETI. For example, I participated in the forum "The Palette of Languages ​​and Cultures." I represented my country with other students. We dressed up in national clothes and prepared national dishes. We treated students to our food, and they gave us theirs. It was very fun, beautiful and tasty!

After studying here, I see myself as a recognized international authority in this field. I am going to work in Iraq and become a candidate of technical sciences.