Ferre Dezutter

Ferre Dezutter


English-taught Master's program 27.04.04 "Automation and Mechatronics" Graduate 2021

My name is Ferre Dezutter and I am from Belgium.

I was looking for a special experience for my internship and i was always interested in Russian language and culture and knowing I could combine learning about this culture and language made the choice easy. This lead to searching a factory in Russia but it was not easy to find a place where Russian is not required. When I contacted LETI they were immediately willing to help and work with me and  that is how I ended up in Department of Robotics and Industrial Automation.

The internship lasted six weeks and was carried out in English. My topic was a study about BLDC motor or brushless DC motor, under supervision of Dr. Dimitry Samokhvalov. I also participated in the Winter School for Russian language, which had a great combination between lessons and culture. This way I visited Peter and Paul fortress, Catherine Palace which was very beautiful with its rich history.

Overall I have no complaints about Russia, LETI, the food or anything. I liked it a lot here and I’m sure I will come back another time. Thanks to LETI and all the people who made this possible especially Mr Renat A. Yalyshev for the administrative side off this internship.

If I would have to describe LETI in three words I would say: Great, Enormous and warm!