Dao Zuy Nam

Dao Zuy Nam


Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications Graduate 2016

My name is Dao Zuy Nam and I am from Vietnam. I have passed all stages of training at LETI: bachelor degree, master course, postgraduate study and internships.

As I was successful in studying in Vietnam, I was suggested to continue education in Russia. I filled all the documents and in September, 2000 I arrived to Russia. I was directed to Preparatory department to Volgograd for training Russian. In Vietnam I specified what I wanted to study, and I was distributed to the university by the Ministry of Education. So that’s how I appeared to be at first in Volgograd, and then in St. Petersburg at LETI. I entered the first course of bachelor studies. Here I met understanding and support both from teachers and students. I have decided not to stop on receiving bachelor degree and to enter the Master course here, on Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications.

Of course, it was difficult to study. It is always difficult to study. Especially, in a foreign language, especially, in such difficult as Russian. In Vietnamese there are no such long words. And in Russian all words are long. Russian students faced unknown words too, but for them it I was easier to understand their meaning. And I couldn't, I have much more unknown words. To cope with it, I read many books and special literature at home. Russian students helped me much and gave their abstracts. Teachers at LETI are good and kind. But it doesn't mean that they asked from foreigners less! It seems to me that it is correct, because we arrived here to get knowledge, and that’s what we want to take away from here.

Having finished Master course in 2007, I left home and worked as a teacher of informatics and programming for 4 years. But I decided to continue education and to get degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences at LETI. And here, at last, at my Birthday, I defended my thesis. It was a good gift!

I like it here in Russia: I have friends, there are a lot of beautiful girls here and here you can feel warm-heartedness as at home.