High level of scientific research carried out in the Department of Physical Electronics and Technology is well known both in Russia and abroad. It is evident by high citation index of member’s of the department publications. The most of the papers are published in leading Russian and foreign journals of physical and physical-technical sections (e.g. The members of the department participate actively in international scientific cooperation with partners from England, Germany, USA, Finland, France, Sweden and other counties. For many years the members of the department constitute the leading scientific school named "Microwave microelectronics" which is one of the leading Russian scientific schools since 2006. The school is funded by the Russian government.

Nowadays scientific investigations are carried out in the Department in the following directions:

  • Microwave Photonics
  • Investigation of spin-wave processes in magnetic layered structures and development of microwave signal processing instruments and devices based on these processes;
  • Investigation and development of technological processes of forming multilayered film’s structures;
  • Investigation of physical properties of new superconducting, dielectric and ferroelectric materials and development of new devices based on them.
  • Investigations in the field of Wave Electronics, Integrated Electronics and Radiophysics of Complex Media.

During the past 5 years the Department have the following main achievements: 


  • Grant of Russian Science Foundation #14-12-01296.
  • Subsidy of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation for realization of Federal Program #14.575.21.0157.


  • Grant of Russian Science Foundation #16-12-10440 «Investigation of microwave phenomena in optoelectronic resonant ring systems used ferromagnetic waveguiding structures for application in microwave photonics», 2016-2018.
  • Grant of RFBR #16-32-50106 «Investigation of spin-electromagnetic oscillations in mmWave and sub-terahertz ranges in hexaferrite-dielectric structures», 2016.


  • Grant of RFBR «Investigation of the chaotic dynamics and solitonic processes in ferromagnetic films and multiferroic heterostructures», 2015-2016.


  • Russian President Grant «Investigation of GHz and THz wave phenomena in Micro- and Nanoelectronics and development of electronic-tunable devices based on these phenomena», 2014.
  • Grant of RFBR «Investigation of envelope solitons and chaotic dynamics of spin-electromagnetic waves in ferrite-ferroelectric structures», 2014-2015.
  • Grant of RFBR «Investigation of dipole-exchanged spin waves in anisotropic ferrite micro waveguides and spin-electromagnetic waves in electronic-tunable planar multilayered structures made of small-seized dielectric and magnetic films», 2014-2016.
  • Grant of RFBR «Organization of III All-Russia conference “Microwave Electronics and Microelectronics», 2014.
  • Grant of RNF «Investigation of physics of stable of multiwave nonlinear and chaotic phenomena in waveguiding structures based on thin ferrite films directed in their possible applications in Microelectronics», 2014-2016.
  • Project of Minobr-science of RF «Investigation and development of low-noise microelectronic electronic-tunable microwave generator», 2014-2016.
  • Grant of RFBR «Investigation of relaxation mechanism of rejection of nonlinear phase shift of magnetization oscillations», 2014.


  • Grant of RFBR «Development of physical-chemical basis of structuring of multicomponent film ferroelectric materials and control of their properties», 2013-2015.
  • Grant of RFBR «Theoretical and experimental investigation of propagation and interaction of linear and nonlinear electromagnetic and spin waves in multilayered multiferroic micro- and nanostructures», 2013-2015.