Department of Physical Electronics and Technology

Department of Physical Electronics and Technology is well known in Russia and abroad as research and educational center which has its own rich scientific and educational traditions.

For many years the members of the department constitute the leading scientific school named "Microwave microelectronics" which is supported by Presidential Program of Support for Leading Scientific Schools in Russia.

The "core" of the research and educational activity of the Department is microwave microelectronics. On the one hand, this "core" allows to make the most advanced scientific research in various fields which include Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Guided Wave Optics, Radiophysics, Radioelectronics, Advanced Materials Technology. On the other hand, such a "core" doesn't restrict possible subjects for investigations. It gives an opportunity for interdisciplinary research.

A modern example of the synergy of educational and research activity is Microwave Photonics (or High-Frequency Optoelectronics). In 2015 the department successfully launched the first in Russia educational program "Microwave Photonics". Microwave photonics comprises big number of technologies and research areas to solve the problem of microwave signal processing with the help of optics. Microwave photonics provides advantages for transmission, reception and processing of information signals by sharing the optical waves and electromagnetic waves of the microwave range. Nowadays the progress microwave photonics is determine the future of radar and communication systems, navigation systems, cellular networks, and other.

An atmosphere of creativity, adherence to education which combines theoretical knowledge and experimental skills in both fundamental and applied fields reside the department. From our point of view, the versatile training based on the fundamental disciplines gives the education which ensures a successful start of professional life, determines the possibility of further retraining and mobility of the graduates.

Staff, students and post-graduate students of the department have the opportunity to carry out investigations and to teach students with the modern scientific equipment. In particular, it is contributed by the Scientific and Educational Centre «Rohde & Schwarz» organized in 2010 with the active participation of the department. The Centre is equipped with the advanced devices and instrumentations.

Department graduates work in leading research and industrial organizations and companies both in Russia and abroad. In the daily work the department maintains collaboration with foreign universities and research centers, as evidenced by numerous joint publications in high IF research journals.

During the past 5 years the Department have the following achievements:

- 10 PhD theses and 1 doctoral thesis were defended.

- 15 monographs were published.

- 25 textbooks and manuals were published.

- 142 articles were published in refereed national and international journals (PRL, PRB, APL, JAP, etc.), that is a significant part of the scientific publications of the whole university.

- the members of the department of Physical Electronics and Technology have published more than 260 papers in the Proceedings of Russian and International Conferences (European Microwave Conference "EuMC", International Magnetics Conference "INTERMAG", International Conference on Microwave Magnetics "ICMM", International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference "IMOC" and other).

- 6 patents were received.

- more than 55 research projects with total funding of more than $ 3 millions were performed.