Why us

Choose the oldest Electrotechnical University in Europe! As well as getting an education and acquiring knowledge in the field of Engineering, you also make friends for life and create great memories at ETU.

For getting higher education it is necessary to be responsible for the university you choose. Why are we sure that SPb ETU "LETI" is a good choice for international students?

LETI has traditionally high demands on high-grade vocational training

SPb ETU academic school is 130 years old and the level of professional training of university's graduates is traditionally high. LETI was the first to domesticate many worldwide scientific fields. The most significant scientific discoveries that are necessary for technical advance belong to them. Today 5 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 20 laureates of national and international awards and over 200 Doctors of Science work in LETI today.

University provides profound fundamental knowledge in different scientific fields (Bachelor's, Master's, postgraduate programs).

High competitive ability of our graduates on the world labour market

SPb ETU "LETI" is integrating scientific and educational activities. Using new educational technology "training through researching" University provides fast targeted spreading of new knowledge in the process of education.

LETI has high-technology laboratory facilities and is cooperating with many innovation enterprises in Russia and other countries (our strategic partners). It guarantees high quality of practical training for students and their competitive abilities on the world labor market.

LETI has a lot of experience in preparing specialists for foreign countries

LETI has prepared 3550 Bachelors and Masters, 370 candidates of science and 5 PhDs from over 100 different countries. Today LETI has a partnership with 65 institutes and universities from more than 20 countries.

Social assistance for students

All International students in LETI get a place in a student dormitory, health insurance and care, a reduced fare transport ticket. There are also psychologists and legal experts who can help students. Dean's office for International Students supervises International students.

Conveniences and safety

Our university campus is compact and has developed infrastructure (Services). It is located in a quiet district of the city near Botanic garden, banks of the Neva river and Karpovka river. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and belongs to the historic center of St. Petersburg – cultural capital of Russia. Intellectual potential of our city is huge and its culture is multinational and tolerant. All these things make studying at LETI comfortable, safe, enjoyable and give students an opportunity of personal growth.

The wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs, excellent academic teaching and facilities for practical classes, worldwide international academic and research links, friendly atmosphere make SPb ETU the right place for 400 international students every year.